DIY a fab friendship bracelet—Knight Squad style!

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The knights-in-training on Nickelodeon’s new comedy Knight Squad are fierce fighters…but they’re also fierce when it comes to their friendships. Ciara and Prudence are besties to be reckoned with. Sage is super loyal to Buttercup. Just like any group of BFFs, this circle is made stronger through constant camaraderie, lots of LOL-worthy moments and tough situations *always* tackled together.

Want a way to let *your* best babes know just how much their friendship means to you? Show your appreciation—Knight Squad style—with a fab bestie bracelet.

If your BFF pulls double-duty like Ciara...
Knot a simple bracelet that weaves together cute contrasting colors—just like your girl's myriad of different interests. For a diamond-shaped pattern, try this tutorial.

If your bestie is strong and dedicated like Prudence...
Craft a pink and purple band with an adjustable clasp that's tough enough to withstand anything—just like your BFF. For this top-notch bracelet, use this tutorial.

If your best babe is loyal like Buttercup...
So she's *charming* and seriously sweet? Pick a pretty bitty charm to loop onto her bracelet. Choose one that you know will mean something special—she'll apprecaite it, no doubt. For a sweet and simple band, try this pattern.

If your BFF is smart and strategic like Sage...
A braided—and beaded—leather bracelet is perf for your best babe. Even when faced with a tough task, she always keeps it *together.* Try this tutorial for a band she'll love.

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Is your bestie like Ciara, Prudence, Buttercup or Sage? Let us know in the comments below!


by GL | 3/31/2018