Easy DIY projects that will completely transform your clothes

Are you tidying up your life, Marie Kondo-style? Unsure if some of your items "spark joy" or not?

Good news! We found the *ultimate* fashion flips you can use to repurpose old clothes (and shoes!) that'll refresh your wardrobe for the new year. Whether you're the queen of sparkles, an embroidery extraordinaire, or a painting prodigy—or a beginner when it comes to all things art—these how-to vids will help make your artistic vision a reality. 

1. Bedazzle it!

Sparkle in these glam DIY kicks, or add a little glitter to a pair of jeans or sunglasses. You'll be *shining* in no time. 

2.  Embroider it!

This isn't your grandmother's stitching. Put a modern twist on embroidery and reenergize your plain shirts with intricate-looking (but easy!) patterns. 

3. Paint it!

Raise your hand if you used to doodle *everywhere.* Transform your tees with these Picasso-worthy masterpieces. Don't forget to set your paint after it's completely dry so that you can wash and wear your gear over and over again. 

Which of these "fashion flips" are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments below!


by Emily Fishel | 5/20/2020