5 spring DIYs to try while you practice social distancing

Social distancing is *seriously* important these days to prevent yourself and those you care about from getting sick, so while you're stuck inside, why not try a DIY? These 5 spring DIY projects are easy to do, super cute, and make use of everyday items you already have at home! 

Air Dry Clay

Working with clay can be extremely messy, but also extremely rewarding. This 4-ingredient DIY will allow you to create the pottery set of your dreams. P.S.: Add food coloring to brighten up your masterpiece. 

Puffy Paint

Unleash your inner Bob Ross and paint whatever your heart desires with these 3-ingredient puffy paints. Puffy paint is made to look a bit more three-dimensional than normal paint which will definitely bring your most creative ideas to life.

Tin Can Lanterns


These lanterns are a *gorgeous* spring bedroom upgrade for anyone who's stuck inside and working on a budget. While this DIY does require a few more materials than the rest, the results are totally worth it (and, let's be honest, you have the time). Recycle those canned beans into something totally Insta-worthy.

Milk Carton Bird Feeder

During a time of panic, it's important that we think about our health...but we can't forget about the health of our wildlife friends. A bird feeder will ensure that while you're safe and comfy indoors, your feathered outdoor neighbors will also have a place to rest and eat.

Coffee Can Planter


There's nothing more satisfying than eating produce that you grew yourself—especially when you made the planter too! Instead of throwing away apple seeds, plant them and start your indoor garden!

Which DIY will you try? Comment below!


by Haley Brown | 3/23/2020