20 fashion DIYs you can actually do

It’s hard to keep up with the latest fashions—shopping is expensive! Rather than blowing your monthly allowance on only one new fashion trend, how about getting them all? Here are some realistic DIY fashions that will keep you in style and let you keep your cash, too.


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    Cute caps

    Salvage those old, scuffed up flats and make your own captoe shoes. All you need are a pair of shoes, painter’s tape, spray paint, a pen and a ruler. Measure and mark how much of the shoe you want painted and cover the area you don’t want painted with tape. Spray the paint on the tip of the shoes and wait for them to dry. Take the tape off and you’ve got yourself a “new” pair of shoes.

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    Twist-back tee

    Transform any boring t-shirt into a super trendy top. Cut the sleeves and sides of the shirt so that the front and back are separated. Twist the back part entirely so that the right sides match up again. Sew the back and front together again, and show off your original tee to your friends.

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    Homemade ombre

    Ombre jean shorts can get a little pricy, so try a DIY on for size. Pour some bleach into a bucket and dilute it with twice as much water. Then, all you need to do is dip the bottom half of your shorts into the bleach, rinse them out with cold water, and voila! Your old shorts are all dolled up in this newest trend.

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    Pretty elbow patches

    Make any long sleeved top or sweater chicer by adding the simple touch of an elbow patch. Try on your top and mark where you’d like the patches to be. Cut out the shape you want out of a piece of fabric, iron it on, and sew around the edges for some extra security.

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    Preppy polka dotted pants

    Why spend the money on designer patterned jeans when you could do it yourself in under an hour? Buy a bottle of light grey acrylic paint, dip the eraser end of a pencil in a bit of paint, and start doting your jeans. Feel free to use a ruler to make sure the dots are in a straight line.

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    Extra-special statement necklace

    Transform any solid colored necklace into a bright and bold statement with just a few bottles of nail polish. Choose your favorite colors, paint the beads however you’d like, and finish them off with some topcoat.

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    Turn pretty pants into chic shorts

    Make your own pair of distressed shorts with an old pair of jeans that have been sitting in the back of your closet for months. Measure and mark how long you want to cut your shorts, and cut along that line. Next, take a safety pin and shred the bottom of your new shorts so that there is some fringe hanging off. If you want to keep going, use a cheese grader to make some shreds on the front pockets.

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    Silky scarves

    Here’s just another way to reuse that old t-shirt and turn it into something stylish. Cut your tee in a straight line right under the sleeves so it looks like a square. Next, fringe the bottom half of it all around, and pull the fringes down so they get more stretched out. Now you’ve got a brand new scarf that’s light enough to sport in the spring or summer, too!

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    Brand new bracelets

    Accessories are always necessary to make your look unique, but they can get pricey. With just 1 yard of rope, leather, or lace, and about 20 crystal beads, you can make your own stylish accessory. Fold the rope into thirds, and tie an overhand knot with about a 1/2-inch loop. Braid the rope normally for 1 inch, and then start to add a bead to each strand as you braid. End the bracelet with a normal braid again, and tie off the end.

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    Add pizzazz to your pumps

    Adding bling the bottom of your heels is a perfect and subtle way to show everyone how stylish you really are. Put tape around the edges of your heel so that the sparkles stay only on the bottoms. Mix Mod Podge with sparkles and paint it on to the bottoms of your shoes with a foam brush. Use your fingers to sprinkle some extra glitter on top and pat it down so it sticks. When they’ve dried, cover the bottoms in clear Shellac to make sure the sparkles stay. Now you’ve got the perfect addition to any LBD.

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    Sharpie-dyed sneakers

    There’s no need to buy new sneakers: you can make even cooler ones yourself! With any pair of white sneakers, some Sharpies, and rubbing alcohol, transform your sneakers into totally tie-dyed kicks. Draw any pattern you’d like in sharpie, and spray rubbing alcohol onto the shoes so that the colors start to blend. Wait for them to dry and then take them out for a walk on the town.

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    Totally trendy tanks

    No need to hit the mall for a cute tank to pair with your jean shorts when you can make your own! Cut the bottom half of a long t-shirt into fringes. Tie the strands next to each other together in a knot about an inch down the fringe. Then cross the strands and tie them to another strand an inch down. Show off your newest design at the pool, mall, beach or wherever!

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    Big and bold headbands are definitely in this year, so why don’t you make your own out of an old tank or tee? Cut a segment of your top as thick as you want the headband to be. Pull the sides of the fabric to stretch it out. Twist the fabric so it looks like an infinity sign, and then twist it again. Pull the ends of the two loops together and try on your newest accessory.

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    Lacy shorts

    Buy some inexpensive jean shorts and spruce them up with some lovely lace. Cut a triangle off of the sides of the shorts and sew the lace in the space in between for some super frilly bottoms. If you don’t want to risk cutting the shorts wrong, sew lace patches on the back or front pockets. Feel free to experiment – after all, these are your masterpiece!

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    T-shirt pool bag

    Need to update your pool and beach bag? Grab a big, old tee and get to work. Cut the sleeves and neckline off. Flip the shirt inside out and sew or hot glue the bottom seams together. Fold the bottom up about 2 inches and cut 1 inch slits in the bag. Pull the folded part up another 2 inches and do the same thing. Repeat this until you’ve reached the bottom of where the sleeves used to be to give the bag a boho look. If you’re feeling daring, try tie-dying the shirt first so it’s a fun and colorful pattern.

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    Bedazzled button-down

    Spruce up some button downs and make them more in-style with some bedazzling. Use any size, shape, or color for your gems and cover the collar. Use a .5 oz tube of adhesive and spread the glue over the collar. Place the beads down, wait for the glue to dry, and your top is ready to rock this new look.

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    Sweet sweatshirts

    Transform an ordinary and baggy sweatshirt into a fashion-forward topper. Cut out a piece of fabric in your favorite pattern to the size of the front pocket of the sweatshirt and sew it on. Then, cut two more pieces of that fabric to be used as elbow pads of the sweatshirt. Mark where on the sweatshirt you want the elbow pads to be, and sew them in place. Now you can relax in style.

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    Daring dresses

    Can you pull off this dress that’s made from a t-shirt? It makes the perfect (and comfy) outfit for whatever you’re doing this summer. Grab a majorly oversized tee and step into it so that you’re wearing it like a tube top. Stretch the sleeve to the side and then pull it across your body and tuck it in to what was the neck hole. Do the same with the other sleeve, pulling it across and tucking it in on the opposite side. Now you’re all set to rock this look.


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    Hello high-low

    Transform your maxi skirt or dress into a more high-fashion look by turning it into a high-low. All you need to do is lay the skirt or dress down and cut a wide, shallow semicircle out and you’re good to go!

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    Silky stylish sandals

    It’s hard to keep up with the constantly changing styles of sandals. Instead of buying a new pair, revamp your old ones with just some scissors and a scarf. Cut the scarf in half vertically to make a thin rectangle. Fold it in half, pull the loop end around the toe part of the flip-flop, and pull the two ends through the hole so that it makes a knot. Separate the scarf and wrap one side around each side of the flip-flop until you get to the end. When you put on the shoes, wrap the ends of the scarf around your ankles in a ballet-slippers fashion and you’ll make all of your friends ooh and ahh for days.

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by Lindsay Hurwitz | 2/1/2016