Capitol Couture countdown to The Hunger Games

Less than 24 days remain until the big screen release of spring’s most anticipated movie, The Hunger Games. As more trailers and images are released, we can’t help ourselves from diving into the world Suzanne Collins created—and now we want you to join the party! Deck yourself out in zany Capitol fashions, hop in your hovercraft and hunker down with your hunnies for an evening of over-the-top fun.


Exclusive E-vites

Request your pals’ presence with an oh-so elegant digital invitation: “In celebration of the 74th Annual Hunger Games, Capitol Couture requests your presence for a frippery-filled slumber party. We await your RSVP by jabberjay!”


Set the scene

As we see throughout the series, the Capitol basks in all things beautiful, over-the-top and trendy. Go all out by making your party space into a vibrant lounge bedecked with bright colors and glittery jewels. Cover lampshades with colorful scarves and bedazzle disposable plastic glasses and plates with rhinestones and sequins.


Sweet treats (and gaudy eats)

When Katniss and Peeta attend the Capitol party prior to the Quarter Quell, they are amazed by the abundance of indulgent goodies. Pamper your pals with a spread fit for Capitol-ites by dressing up standard slumber party fare. Wrap cocktail hotdogs in crescent rolls and bake until golden brown. Use a melonballer to scoop elegant shapes from fruit (or candy-colored sorbet—yum!). Dip strawberries in chocolate and then roll in sprinkles. Bake off a batch of sugar cookies and learn how to pipe like a pro. Just don’t get a tummy ache!


Lucky charms

Each of the tributes is allowed to bring one item with them into the Hunger Games arena, a lucky charm. Katniss brings a mockingjay pin. Because the inhabitants of the Capitol live for the excitement of the annual Games, we’re sure there are crafting parties aplenty (or at least lucky charm boutiques!) catering to the creation of custom lucky charms. Head to Michael’s and grab the fixings for bracelets, necklaces, pins and earrings. Then go wild!


Get glam

Ask your girls to set their own Capitol trends. Have ‘em bring their outfits along and spend an hour getting gussied up together. Stock a bathroom with inexpensive beauty boosters: eyeliner in kooky colors, stick-on rhinestones, feathered false lashes—anything that you’d normally never wear. Then get ready to strut your stuff. Be sure to snap some runway-worthy shots (and a few candids, too).


Trivia night!

Do you know your HG trivia? Pick a bud to serve as trivia master, and ask her to come up with dozens of tricky Qs based on the books. Better study up so you can shine, sistah!


Watch the trailers

Panem is nothing without its Capitol-driven propaganda. Follow the HG message by watching the Hunger Games trailers, below:



Want more? CLICK HERE for official Capitol TV vids.

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016