8 fun things to do this winter



In January, sometimes it can be hard to see the warm light at the end the dark, frozen tunnel. But what if there were some fun ways to make the best of the frigid temps? We've got a roster of eight fun cold-weather activities to get you out of your house and make this winter the best one yet. 

1. Go sledding down your biggest neighborhood hill.

2. Compete against your BFF to see who can build the best snowman.

3. Have a campfire, invite your besties and drink some hot cocoa.

4. Have a snowball fight against your crush.

5. Catch some snow and make your own snow cone.

6. Make a difference and adopt a pet. Then take Spike out in the snow to play.

7. Take a spin out on the ice-skating rink and hold hands with someone cute.

8. Lay in the snow and make some angels, then snap a selfie with your masterpiece. 

And if all else fails...take advantage of that snowstorm and stay inside to watch back-to-back flicks with your BFF. 

How do you spend your snow days? Share in the comments below.  


by Angelina Kaliszak | 2/1/2016