Here's how to plan the cutest fall picnic with your squad

There's nothing better than being able to hang out with your friends while being in the great outdoors. Although the weather might be getting colder, there's no reason to stop having picnics. Look no further for our go-to guide on how to host the perfect fall picnic!

Make it a meal


This is your chance to get all of your favorite fall foods. Anything pumpkin is a must, but you can never go wrong with something warm and spiced (Taylor Swift's chai cookies, perhaps?). We also heart a cheese board and a warm baguette. Ofc, the choice is yours—if you think it's yummy, throw it in the picnic basket.



Pick a location that's cute, easy to access (you'll thank yourself when you have to carry a million picnic bags) and flat enough to sit comfortably. Don't forget your aesthetic picnic blanket!

Dress to impress


Those cute 'n' colorful leaves also bring freezing winds and below-fifty temps. Keep the weather in mind when you plan your outfit. Remember, you can be both chic and comfortable! 

Get the shot


You and your friends have made it! You're all dressed to a T, have a mouthwatering spread and are surrounded by beautiful autumn what? Well, before you dig in, snap a cute pic of yourself and your squad for IG.

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by Charlotte Ury | 11/18/2022