Hello, Hollywood! PLUS, Win a Cool Game That Will Make Your Sleepover Legendary

Change up your usual girls’ night in to a rockin’ HOLLYWOOD night in!
Invite all your best gals over for a pajama party filled with drama (the good, fun kind...we swear)!
Plus, enter to win a totally awesome game to play all-night long at your party!
Lights, camera and...ACTION!

Design Divas

Set up a stage with a fun curtain in your living room or bedroom. You can use a sheet or buy a cheap shower curtain from any home store! Gather some chairs together and put your besties names on the back—like director’s chairs! Hang up some movie posters or pictures of your favorite celebs to help really set the scene!

Walk the Hollywood Way

When all your besties arrive at your place, start off the party by making Hollywood stars just like the ones on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Use colored paper, glitter, glue, markers, and scissors to make the stars and write your names on them! Get creative, too! After the party is over, your star would still be a super cute decoration to hang in your bedroom or on your locker door!

Red Carpet Royalty

Have all your girlies bring some extra fab clothes and makeup over. Mix n’ match different pieces to dress up like your favorite starlets and give each other Hollywood makeovers. Get some tips off our STYLE section and take turns doing each other’s makeup!

Movie Madness and Munchies

Rent some fun movies from the video store. Go all old-school Hollywood and rent some classic flicks—like Gone with the Wind or Casablanca. Don't forget to grab some really great movie theater grub to snack on while you watch—our faves are popcorn, Twizzlers and Rasinettes.

Act up!

Play charades! Use your stage and curtain to really get into it. Have all your girls write down their favorite movies, actors or TV shows and put them in a hat. Sit in your director’s chairs and watch your BFFs take turns getting up on stage and trying to act them out!

Get creative with the ultimate acting game, ACTING OUT! This game comes with 50 “Act Out” cards and 50 “Sound Out” cards which will ensure you and your girls will have a great time! Express yourself by trying to perform exactly what the crazy cards say! You’ll have your BFFs laughing for hours on end! ACTING OUT will make your Hollywood sleepover famous for sure!
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Wanna win? FIVE lucky girlies win this game. ENTER NOW! Hurry, contest ends AUGUST 28th!
-Taeler Lottino


by GL | 2/1/2016
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