This healthy watermelon slushie will cool down *any* hot day

Are the high temps melting the fun out of your summer? Don't sweat it!

Amid bright beach days, rad pool parties and afternoon sports practices, it's *so* important to stay cool while you're having fun. Here's a healthy—and v. refreshing—slushie to beat any summer heat. Bonus: It's super easy to make and only takes a minute!

Blend together... 

+ 1 cup of watermelon 

+ 1/2 cup frozen strawberries 

+ Ice cubes (Add more for extra chill) 

+ A few mint leaves (optional, but totes recommended) 

Simple, sweet, and delicious. 

Add some fresh strawberries to the rim or a few extra mint leaves on top to make an Insta-worthy drink. Extra points for carving out a small watermelon half and slurping the slushie out of a homemade melon bowl. Get ready for endless days of chill with your new go-to summer snack. 

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Top image @angshealthyeatsSlider image @whitneybond. GIFs via GIPHY.


by Cara Lamina | 7/15/2021