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WE TRIED IT: Veggie Burgers


I have been a vegetarian for 5 strong years. I LOVE telling people about all the delish things out there for veggies like me. Things like yummy soy-based alternatives. Morning Star Farms has a fantastic Cheddar Burger with the cheese cooked right inside! The burgers are easy to cook and good for your body.

I know what you’re thinking…can something made out of veggies really fill me up like a burger? AND what about protein? Here is a quick comparison of a cheeseburger to a Morningstar Farms Cheddar Burger:


The veg option is soo much healthier. Plus, even though it has less protein than a normal cheeseburger, the nutrition facts on the box assure us that one Morningstar Farms burger is the same as one serving of lean meat.

Instead of being weighed down by junk foods, I pig out on this. This burger will make you feel good, not guilty. If cheddar isn’t your thing, the burgers come in many varieties, even plain, so you can slap on your own fave cheese.

P.S. I’m not trying to convince you to go veg, but give this burger a shot! And if you are planning on going veggie, make sure you do it right. See a dietician and your doctor to make sure you stay healthy.

by Kate Stoker | 2/1/2016