Eat Right

FEATURE FRIDAY: Cool Frozen TreatsThat are Actually Good for Ya!

Summer’s almost here! Hot days mean hours chillin’ by the pool, bike rides by the beach and tempting treats 24/7. We’re all about splittin’ a sundae with a cutie or havin’ a double scoop from your fave vacay scoop shop…occasionally.
But we found some snacks you can keep stocked in your freezer for when ya want something cool—NOW!  Plus, they all have less than 140 calories, so you won’t feel stuffed when ya eat ‘em. What a sweet treat.

Edy’s All Natural Fruit Bar
These yummy popsicles have li’l chunks of fruit in ‘em!

Frozen strawberries with Cool Whip
We heart strawberries, but you could use any frozen fruit to make this treat.

Fudgsicle’s Fudge Bar
Who knew this summertime classic had 10% of your daily calcium?

Haagen Dazs Fat Free Sorbet and Yogurt Bars
Our two faves (fro yo and sorbet) team up to make these bars extra tasty.

Skinny Cow Mint Ice Cream Sanwiches
Just like a Thin Mint…but frozen and creamy!

-Rachel Chemerynski

5/9/2008 12:00:00 AM