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Cowboy caviar is a thing—and we're kind of obsessed

Picture this: Your besties are coming over for a spur-of-the-moment hangout, but you have nothing prepped to eat! You sprint to the fridge, hoping for a miracle—but all you see are vegetables and a couple of limes. Perfect for you, that's all you need to make the perfect cowboy caviar.

We've all seen the viral TikTok of someone mixing together all kinds of food to make this *iconic* dish. There are no rules to whipping it together, but we've got the perfect basic recipe and a few ways to spice up your new fave summer snack.

What you'll need: 

+ 1 red bell pepper
+ 1 orange bell pepper
+ 1.5 cups sweet corn
+ 1/2 red onion
+ 2 jalepeños 
+ 1 can rinsed black beans 
+ 1 can rinsed pinto beans
+ 1 container feta
+ 1 cup of black olives 
+ Cilantro

The dressing:

+ Juice of 3 limes
+ 1/2 cup olive oil
+ 1/4 cup white wine vinegar
+ 2-3 tablespoons of taco seasoning
+ Salt and pepper to taste
+ 2-4 tablespoons spicy honey
+ 3 tablespoons sugar

Switch up your proteins


cowboy caviar (I added mango this time!)

♬ original sound - bria lemirande

Ofc, we couldn't talk about cowboy caviar without mentioning the queen creator herself, Bria Lemirande. In most recipes, Bria uses a mix of beans to add in some fiber and protein. You can also add in quinoa, edamame and chickpeas to give your cowboy caviar some more flavor.

Add in some fruits

Cowboy caviar doesn't have to be full of veggies. You can throw in some mangos, peaches or pineapples to add some sweetness! Pro tip: Mixing some fruits into the dressing to contrast the tangy flavor is always on point.

Spice it up

@britscookin Cowboy Caviar, maybe? Regardless of what you decide to call it, it’s so good! #cowboycaviar #summersalsa #foodtiktok #ReadyForHell #MINDORDERING ♬ original sound - Britney⚜️

A little bit of spice can never hurt—go ahead and add some extra jalepeños or a kick of cilantro. Another special way to make your caviar more flavorful is to add some buffalo sauce to your dressing...or even some cayenne and paprika powder if you can take the heat.

Choose your method

@isabelleseats I’ve decided a taco salad is my favorite salad #cowboycaviar #tacosalad #salad #healthylunch #healthydinner ♬ Sia - Xeptemper

Cowboy caviar isn't just a dip for your chips—it can be the perfect side dish at dinner (you can even make a vegetarian burrito out of it!). For those that love a good salad, add some lettuce, and you've got a fabbed-up salad. Bon appetit!

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Slider image: @lmldfood
Top image: @brialem


by Taylor Hancock | 7/7/2022