Eat Right

Memorial Day: Kickoff Summer Right!

We love Memorial Day ‘cause it’s the unofficial kickoff of summer. The weather is getting gorgeous, and of course it’s always nice to have a day off from school. We’ve got great tips for staying healthy no matter what you’re doin’ this weekend!
If you’re visiting out of town relatives…
…pack a cooler of healthy and delish snacks for the road, instead of stocking up on bags of gummi bears and Cheetos. Include something for everyone: frozen grapes for your sweets-lovin’ little bro—he’ll be shocked that they’re actually fruit. If you heart salty foods, try some almonds. And do mom and dad crave a crunch? Carrots and hummus are always a great bet!
If you’re chillin’ with buds…
…get down and dirty with a Slip ‘n Slide. It’s inexpensive, and a great way to cool off if you don’t have a pool (or even if you do). Have a competition to see who can go the farthest, or just slide your way to an awesome time.
If you’re a BBQin’ babe…
…spice things up and try something new: dessert that comes straight from the grill! We’re talkin’ about grilled pineapple—slice it up and grill the pieces plain or with a little barbeque sauce. It’s super sweet, and will leave you completely satisfied.
If you’re having a block party...
…offer yourself up as a babysitter! You can enlist a friend or two to help you watch the lil’ tykes for the day. Kids can tire you out, but think of it this way: you’ll get to run around like you’re their age again and pick up some extra cash.
If you’re at the beach or pool...
...don’t just laze around, get out there! Pick up a paddle ball set or challenge your besties to major races in the pool. Stay active the whole day and you’ll feel amazing after.

By: Lisa Brown


5/22/2009 10:00:00 AM