How to de-stress in less than a minute


All that homework, sports practice overload and balancing a social life getting to be too much? Feeling stressed can seem inevitable, but the way you handle it is not. A lot of stress has to do with time, so beat the clock and de-stress in less than a minute with these simple tips.

1. Slow and deepen your breathing

Meditation can be time consuming but slowing down and deepening your breaths can be done quickly and at your own comfort, whether that be on the field or sitting at your desk. Breathing in for four seconds, holding your breathe for four seconds and releasing for four seconds can work wonders.

2. Call your mom

When in doubt, call mom (or any adult you trust). Adults have a lot more experience than we do, and often times they know just the right things to say. They can even help devise a plan to conquer the reasons behind your stress. 

3. Take a 30 second break

Give yourself a timeout. Let your mind relax for a little before getting back down to business.

4. Doodle

Let your mind unwind and let the pen do the talking. Drawing meaningless things can help you express—and de-stress.

5. Ask yourself, “Will this matter in five years?”

This can help you get through almost everything. Is the thing that is stressing you out going to matter in five years? If not, take a chill pill—you’ll get through it much easier if you’re not so worried.

6. Ask for help

It is never a bad idea to ask for help. Ask a a friend, a sibling, a coach, a teacher or a parent for advice. Sometimes getting that second input is exactly what you need. 

How do you de-stress? Share your tips in the comments below.


by Lyra Dautaj | 4/13/2016