11 secrets to turning a bad day into a good one


We all have those weeks that just never seem to end, where nothing seems to go your way and you just want to scream. During these tough times, it's easy to get caught up in the bad stuff and forget about all the good stuff. If you're tired of spending your days feeling down and are ready to ditch the negative vibes, here are 11 things to do to brighten your day.

1. Dress for success.
Start your day off feeling good and looking good. Whether you spruce up your do, wear a new top or try a bold new lipstick, make sure you are sporting something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. After you get ready, go to the mirror and tell yourself everything you like about each of your features. Although it can seem silly, you are sure to start the day feeling more fierce than ever.

2. Eat right.
We all know what having a well-balanced diet does for our physical health, but do you know that it's also good for your mental health? Study show that eating a lot of junk food can perpetuate stress, anxiety and negative thoughts, all of which you probably don't want. To help battle the bad week blues, try to eating yummy, nutritious meals. Not only will your stomach be happy but so will you.

3. Laugh it off.
Whoever said laughter is the best medicine was totally right. Laughing releases endorphins in the brain which is the hormone that helps you feel good. Studies also show that laughing boosts your immune system and helps to relieve mental as well as physical stress and tension. Whether you invite friends over to hang out or decide to watch a funny movie, do something that is sure to have you *literally* ROFL.

4. Smile!
The same for laughing goes for smiling. Even if no one is around, crack a smile. Smiling sends signals to the brain telling it to release chemicals that make you happy.

5. Take a second to yourself.
If you feel like all you have been doing lately is going from thing to thing, take a break. Find a time and a place where you can be alone and just sit. Take some time to calm yourself and reflect on your day. Tell yourself it's a worry-free zone so any negative thoughts don't ruin your alone time.

6. Finish something.
Sometimes when you're stressed out you can feel powerless or like nothing is ever finished, so do something for yourself. Whether it's drawing, cooking dinner for yourself or cleaning your desk, pick a low stress activity that you know you will be able to finish and see the results. Sometimes a reminder that the work you do pays off is just the boost you need.

7. Go outside.
The great outdoors is the perfect cure for a bad day. Try going for a jog, taking a walk or going for a bike ride and letting your mind wander. Mother nature will calm you down, and the exercise will help you to get your blood pumping. You'll feel totally refreshed.

8. Hug it out.
Find a parent or one of your siblings and give them a squeeze! Although at times they can seem like the enemy, they care about you and are always there to give you support you when you need it. A hug can be a great physical reminder that their support is always available.

9. Compliment someone.
If you are totally obsessed your classmate's new scarf, let her know. You never know what kind of day someone else is having and maybe your compliment will brighten her day. There is no better way to feel good than making someone else smile!

10. Look ahead.
If you don't see next week being much better than this one, do something about it. Make a plan for the weekend with your friends to go see a new movie or visit the new theme park. Scheduling something exciting for a few days down the road is a great way to distract yourself from all the not-so-exciting things in between.

11. Keep the glass half full.
At the end of a bad day, it is easy to rerun all the annoying or unfortunate things that happened and let those thoughts convince you that tomorrow will be just as terrible. Instead of digging yourself into a hole of self-pity, make a list of all the good things that happened to you before you go to bed. Whether it was the A you got on a test or the joke at lunch that made milk come out of your nose, positive thinking is powerful and will help you go to bed thinking about all the good things that might happen tomorrow.

What do you do to have a good day? Share in the comments below!

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by Erin Farrugia | 5/17/2017
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