This Insta is just vids of bath bombs being destroyed and it's weirdly relaxing

There's a reason so many of us are obsessed with Lush bath bombs—they're the perf de-stressor for a Friday night in (bubble bath and chocolate, anyone?).

But it turns out there's another way to use your beauty BFF that's *just* as relaxing: destroying it.

Or, okay, not actually destroying it but watching videos of other people doing it.

We're serious—there's even an entire Instagram dedicated to vids of one teen girl cutting, slicing, chopping and dissolving Lush products. And people are obsessed.

19-year-old @therosequeenn (a self-proclaimed "Lush enthusiast") films herself breaking up everything from bubble bars to jellies. While we were skeptical at first, after watching a few minutes, we get it: There's something about the sound (and the sight) that's *super* satisfying.

Credit: @∘Andrea∘♚

It's a phenomenon known as ASMR...and it's trendier (and more relaxing) than ever, RN. Sometimes called "brain tingles", it's a sensation that starts in your scalp and usually moves down your spine. And it's triggered by different things for different people. You might experience it when someone plays with your hair or when you hear a fire crackling.

Credit: @∘Andrea∘♚

Or, if you're one of @therosequeenn's 25K followers, you might experience it from the sound of a Lush bath bomb being chopped up. 

Not sure you believe it? We dare you to try and watch just *one* of the vids (sound on!). If you're anything like us, you'll find some serious inner zen. And if not? Well, there's really nothing prettier than a glittery, colorful bath bomb in water.

Credit: @∘Andrea∘♚

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by Amanda Tarlton | 11/7/2017