Unexpectedly Fun Workouts to Tri!

Bored with your standard jogging ‘n’ crunches combo? It’s time to break it up, sister.

Traditional triathlons (running, swimming, biking) are totally fun, but we put a new spin on the classic trio. Our faves team up for a total body workout and are a blast. Don’t have a ton of time? Do 10 minutes of each for a half hour sesh. Keep reading…and then get out there and give it a tri!

If you wanna take it easy:
Whether you just got back from soccer camp or don’t wanna exert yourself in the heat, here’s a low-key workout that’ll leave you feeling relaxed.

The Workout:
15 minutes of yoga
--Grab a yoga book from the library and check out some ahh-worthy poses.
15 minutes walking
--Walk around a park or your neighborhood. Go in a diff direction than your normal routine, to change up your perspective!
15 minutes hula hooping 
--Bust out the hoop and give it a whirl. It’s great for your abs—and is totally fun!

If you’re a gadget girl:

You’re constantly on your iPhone and totally connected at all times. Our exercises keep you plugged in—but def get you moving.

The Workout:
20 minutes running with your iPod
--Make an upbeat playlist and get to it!
20 minutes of cardio on your Wii
--Check out a game, like Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009, to work up a sweat
20 minute cool down with a Pilates DVD
--We like the ones from—they’re tough, but the instructors explain the moves thoroughly.

If you’re working out with your BFF:
Having a bud along can help you get through a tough workout. Cheer each other on and give it your all for one hour.

The Workout:
20 minutes playing your fave sport
--Go for 1 vs. 1 basketball, playing catch in your backyard, kicking around a soccer ball, challenging each other to a tennis match—whatever you heart!
20 minute workout on the track
--Think: sprint for 100 yards, walk for 100 yards, jog for 100 yards. Anything that’ll get you moving, big time.
20 minute ab blast
--Planks, crunches, bicycles—all of your fave super-tough moves for your middle.

If you’re a total outdoors girl:
There’s nothing like Mama Nature in the summer. Get outside and turn the woods into your playground.

The Workout
20 minutes hiking or walking on a trail
--Bring water and a friend (or Fido) and scope out a local park
20 minutes running on a hill
--Alternate between sprinting, jogging, running with high knees, butt-kicks, etc.
20 minutes of our do-anywhere moves
--Find somewhere with a view and get going!

-Katie Abbondanza


7/17/2009 1:00:00 PM