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4 foods that give you bad breath


Have you ever noticed someones bad breath while speaking to them? Embarrasing? Yep. Gross? That doesn't even begin to cover it. But how mortifying would it be if your breath was kickin' while you were chattin' up the hottie next door after dinner? Well, here's some news for you, girl: Some of your fave foods could be causing that breath. Make sure you avoid these before your next date:


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    The acidity and natural enzymes in milk combine with your saliva in a bad, bad way. It neutralizes the acid in your stomach, which sends up some gastric juice reinforcements that belong nowhere near your tongue.

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    Nooo! We know what you're thinking, but it's true. The sugar content in chocolate can sometimes stimulate the growth of smelly plaque. So what should you do? Try dark chocolate which has a lower sugar content and brush your teeth after!

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    Dried Fruit

    Dried fruit is packed with bacteria-promoting sugar so if you like to snack on dried fruit, just make sure you brush and floss before the bacteria begins festering. 

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    Tuna Sandwiches

    It's the sandwich equivalent of a stink bomb. That sour, fishy smell occurs when seafood starts to oxidize in your mouth. So what's the solution? Try eating tuna packed in extra virgin olive oil (this helps eliminate the smell). As always, brush those chompers after eating! 

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by Sooyoung Yoo | 2/1/2016