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How to heal a pesky (and painful) underarm rash


There are few things more uncomfortable than red, raw and sensitive underarms after shaving or putting in a good sweat sesh. While stepping away from the razor for a few days is ideal, it’s not the only way to get some relief. With the proper use of healing products before and after your next shower, you can kiss that irritation goodbye–stat.

Out with the old

Make sure you aren’t using a razor that’s too old and grungy. You should replace your razor with a fresh one about every two weeks (especially if you’re a gal with sensitive skin). It sounds wasteful, but they can get dull and contaminated pretty quickly, leading to rashes, infections, ingrown hairs...yuck! Better safe than sorry.

Switch up your products

Really try to hold off on the deodorant for a few days if you can. If you can’t manage without the stuff, opt for a fragrance-free brand for sensitive skin. Switching to a fragrance-free body wash might help you out, too.

Heal, baby, heal

When you get out of the shower, fully dry your armpits with a clean towel. Apply calamine lotion or a mild hydrocortisone cream to the irritated skin. These produts will both heal the rash and prevent itching and discomfort. Finish it off with some baby powder to stop chafing in its tracks. 

Other helpful tips:

  • Wear loose, cotton clothing that doesn’t rub the area.  
  • Try not to sweat excessively over the next couple of days. Make sure you drink fluids to allow your bod to regulate its temperature.
  • Try not to touch or scratch the area. This will only make it worse and it'll take longer to heal.
  • If the irritation doesn’t go away with over-the-counter medications, talk to your doc. There might be something more serious going on.

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by Brittany Goers | 2/1/2016