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Five tricks for dealing with period pain


Periods. They’re the worst. Not only do we bleed down there once a month, but also it’s a week of pain. Imagine a bag of bricks sitting on your uterus, then think about your menstrual cramps. Same feeling? Yeah, not fun at all right? It doesn't help that the pain that comes with periods only make us feel more moody. But no matter what, we will toughen up and conquer that pain—and so can you with these helpful hints to surviving the dreaded period week.

1. Exercise

We get what you’re thinking, why the heck would I want to workout while suffering through cramps?! Turns out, though, that exercising all month leading up to your period can actually keep your body free from menstrual cramps (whaaat). Even if you still experience cramps, sit on the floor and stretch your legs out so you can get the rest of your lower body moving for less pain.

2. Maintain Food Choices

Just because it’s your time of the month doesn’t give you the right to shove candy and chips down your throat for the entire week. Maintaining a healthy diet will actually keep you feeling less sluggish and more awake during the day. Make sure your diet includes lots or fresh fruits and veggies, then you can consider adding a slice of chocolate cake in there. You deserve some sweets during this painful time.

3. Medicine

Over the counter pain medications can help with relieving any aching heads and/or backs. For really serious PMS pain, ask your doctor about any other medications or methods to help.


4. Relaxing Activities

It’s no surprise that menstrual cramps can make us girls a lot more sensitive than we usually are. And sometimes we don’t mean to be angry and upset at everyone, so this can call for getting into more meditating activities. Getting involved in a yoga class can make you feel much more relaxed and less focused on your period. Also, smaller activities like drawing or reading in a quiet, calm area can be helpful as well.

5. Sleep

It’s important to have a healthy sleep schedule while on your period. No caffeine or staying up late on the Internet—a good night’s rest will have you waking up feeling much better, even if you’re on your period.

You can get through this. We believe in you.

How do you deal with period pain?

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by Danielle Bryant | 4/16/2016