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Six ways to handle those pesky growing pains

Growing up is never easy especially on our bodies. If you’ve struggled with unbearable growing pains, we’ve got some tips on how you can halt the hurt.

Massage the area.
A lot of growing pains are around your legs. This area is easily accessible for you to message. If you’ve got pain in your neck or back, ask for your mom or bestie to help or sit in a message chair.

Stretch it out.
Simply stretching solves so may body pain issues. During the day, be sure to continue stretching often to loosen up your body espeically if you're sitting a lot. Doing this can really make a huge difference in how intensely you feel the pain.

Use a heating pad.
Not only are heating pads great for period cramps, they are great for *body* cramps. The heat increases blood flow which eases the joint pain.

Take a bath.
Just like the heating pad, a warm bath will ease any body pain you have. Amp up your bath with epson salt or calming oils.

Get your vitamin D.
If you’re not getting vitamin D from the sun, try a vitamin D supplement or oil. Studies show that people with high vitamin D levels experience less growing pains.

If all else fails, talk to your doc.
Growing pains can keep you from doing what you love, and if they are that bad maybe you should talk to your doctor. They’ve seen it all before and they might have some secret tricks up their sleeve.

Do you get growing pains? How do you ease the pain? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Bella Torres | 5/29/2018