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The world’s first reusable tampon applicator is *finally* here

Periods are tough: menstrual cramps that have you curled into a ball, mood swings and PMS that make you irritated with even your bestie, and the changing of pads and tampons like clock work. As young women, it’s something that you’ve (more or less) learned to coexist with—taking medicine to ease the pain, recognizing your prime PMS days and finding the best products that work for y-o-u.

That time of the month can be the absolute *worst*, and also one of the most wasteful times. According to DAME, a company that produces sustainable products, there are 100 billion menstrual products (in the world) that are thrown away each year. That’s enough to circle earth 250 times! Which is why DAME launched D: the world’s first reusable tampon applicator.

So what does this mean?
For starters, this will help the environment. Tampon applicators take 500 years to degrade. Using a reusable applicator will cut down on the amount of applicators, plastic wrapping and packaging that’s getting tossed to landfills, which eventually ends up in the ocean. It’s also a safe and hygienic product for you to use: D uses antimicrobial technology, is heat resistant and has a semi-matte finish that’s smooth as silk. Plus, it’s BPA free, leak free and built to last.

D is similar in sight to a regular tampon applicator. But instead of throwing it out, you simply: wipe, rinse and store. Watch the video below for all the info and a full demonstration of this product.

So what do you think: Would you try a reusable tampon applicator?

Photo credit: Metro

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by Shelby Newsome | 3/4/2018
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