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It's Aries season, here's your *official* spring horoscope

There's a reason spring cleaning is a thing—the equinox calls for a fresh start. Find out what you need to declutter or straight up cut out of your life in 2021.

Ever wonder why the zodiac starts with Aries and not Capricorn? According to astrology, the true new year begins with the spring equinox, which starts on the same day as Aries season. It's also why Aries is considered to be a bold sign—you always want to kick off the new year with a fiery, can-do-literally-anything attitude, which describes rams in a nutshell.

While the energy of the spring equinox is still underway, it's time to do some serious deep cleaning, whether literal or emotional. Is it your bedroom that needs a makeover...or a newly uneven friendship dynamic? Do you need to get rid of clothes you feel meh about...or a relationship that's no longer serving you? Read on to find out.

Clear out: Sky-high expectations

You love to hit the ground running. With the sun, Venus and Mercury in your sign at the start of April, you're empowered to accomplish anything. The only problem? You're prone to getting disappointed if even minuscule things don't turn out your way—and it can take you a while to bounce back. With the new moon in your sign happening on April 11, consider letting go of the pressure you put on yourself to be the best, which (ironically) can sometimes hold you back the most. Run ahead!

Clear out: Your bedroom

By mid-April, the sun, Venus and Mercury will all be in your sign, giving you a boost. As a sign often characterized by groundedness and beauty, you feel your best when your bedroom is clutter-free. That planetary action in your sign will push you toward a major room makeover, but why not start small in the meantime? Even taking an inventory of things you want to get rid of, reorganize or replace can help you figure out how to spruce up your space. That way, you can clear out the old and make space for good, new vibes (and fairy lights).

Clear out: Your (totally packed) social calendar

You love to talk to new people and hang in bigger groups, but sometimes that might mean staying in social circles that may not be the most fulfilling. Are there friends who make you feel drained? When homebody Taurus season rolls along in late April, use that time to chill solo and truly tap into who (and what) makes you happy. Does it align with what you do with your crew? If not, your season starts early when your ruling planet Mercury enters your sign on May 3. By then, you'll be confident in the changes you want to make.

Clear out: Your mind

Action-packed Mars enters your sign on April 23. And, to make the most of it, you have to know *where* you want to put all that incredible energy. As a sensitive water sign, you can sometimes overthink things or ruminate over issues for hours with no solution in sight. Clearing your mind (meditation and yoga are great for this!) can help you figure out what you really want to focus on. What are the things you can tangibly improve in your life—and what can you let go of? Decluttering and simplifying your goals can get you ready to move on them by late April.

Clear out: Useless products

As a sign defined by glamour and self-care, you're always looking for ways to feel your best. Sometimes, though, it can mean you stock up on things you just don't need—like a billion bath bombs, crystals and scented candles that are collecting dust instead of helping you feel good. With so many planets in Taurus, the grounded sign of home improvement, in mid-April, use this energy to toss all those expired face creams for a simpler self-care routine that mellows you out. A bath with a single scoop of salts? Ahh. Less is more, lioness.

Clear out: Your to-do list

As one of the biggest perfectionists in the zodiac, you can struggle with saying "no" to taking on extra work. Luckily, on April 20, Vesta, an asteroid that inspires solitude and self-reflection, will enter your sign. It will push you to reassess your priorities: What do you need to do and what burns you out? What are you taking on that other people could do? Vesta will naturally inspire you to put yourself first more, but it helps to start thinking about where you can make some cuts in your daily tasks so you can make the most of this time.

Clear out: Judgment

The full moon at the end of March is in your sign, so you feel it more potently. Libra, represented by the scales, is all about justice and fairness, so if you feel like there's someone you've been judgy or unkind to, this is the time to look inward. Is there a side of you that's felt more harsh and cynical lately? Even just noticing how often conversations turn to speaking badly about someone else can help you do it less (and realize how much more there is to talk about). You'll feel instantly refreshed, and better about everything around you.

Clear out: Lingering issues with friends

You're already known as one of the more intense signs, but that characterization isn't always on point. What you want most is to be able to be honest with the people you're closest to. With an approaching full moon in your sign on April 23, you might feel compelled to hash out small things that've been bugging you. If you stash your scorpion stinger and instead say how you feel in a diplomatic and mature way, the full moon will mark putting the past in the past...and the start of a new chapter together.

Clear out: A relationship that's not working

On April 12, the asteroid Juno (which symbolizes pairings) goes into retrograde, causing you to reflect on everything. Whether it's a new crush or an old friend, you've likely been having doubts about someone close to you. You're either overdue for a big talk or (eep) it might be time to part ways. Then there's a total lunar full moon eclipse in your sign May 26, meaning the end of something huge. Maybe it's a habit or person you outgrew? Don't fret, you'll move forward in an important (and better) way.

Clear out: Past fashion choices you're now not into

Pluto, which rules transformation, is retrograde in your sign April 27, ushering in a time of reflection. As an earth sign known for loving luxurious things, clothes are important to you. Pluto's retrograde makes you reflect on your personal style—this period might mean a lot of fashion feed Insta scrolls or even being more intentional with your outfits. It's less about shopping and more about clearing out the items you're over. Bonus: Even tiny tweaks can result in a total confidence makeover.

Clear out: Old ideas about the world

Aquarius is known for being open-minded, especially in the realms of justice and humanitarianism. It's important to explore new ideas about how to live your best life, whether on a societal scale or simply in your own world. Saturn, the planet of structure, goes retrograde in your sign on May 23, pushing you to go against the grain. Which long-held beliefs no longer resonate with you? Even things like feeling pressure to post regularly on social media—or having an account at all—are now up for reconsideration.

Clear out: Self-doubt

On May 13, Jupiter, the planet of fortune, enters your sign, ushering in a period of inspiration and ambition. To make the most of this time, though, you'll need to get ready. Being an introspective water sign, you can sometimes question your abilities. But Jupiter's lucky energy will only work if you believe in yourself. With action planet Mars moving into like-minded water sign Cancer on April 23, use this time to figure out what myths you tell yourself. Fear of failure lightens when Jupiter is in your sign, so try new things and take risks.

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by Lily Johnson | 3/21/2021