Dear Carol

So your bestie got a what?

Dear Carol,
MY BFF finally hooked up wuth her crush. Now they get all lovey-dovey when I want to hang out with them, and they totally ignore me. I'm getting the impression that they don't want me around anymore.
-Love Sandwich

Dear Love Sandwich,
If you had a new BF, you'd probably want some alone time with him, too. Instead of fighting facts and feeling left out, can you give the new couple a little space? Tell your BFF you'd love to get together, just you two, to go hiking, bake cookies, watch a movie, see a concert or have a sleepover. Arrange a time for her to come over. Your friend can have one-on-one time with both you and her BF, which will be a win-win-win.

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by GL | 1/21/2019