Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm crushing *hard* on an older guy"

Dear Carol,
I have a crush on a guy who is 17. I'm 14. My feelings for him are growing every day. Is it bad that I want more than a friendship with him? Help!
-17 and 14

Dear 17 and 14,
Is it bad to have a crush? No. Crushes at any age are natural and normal, and if you were 27 and 24, I might say, "Good luck!" But right now, it would indeed be bad to act on this crush. The age difference is too big and you could quickly find yourself in a risky, high-pressure situation. In fact, you probably took the time to write me because deep down you know this. Hang in there. You'll be 17 yourself before you know it.  

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by GL | 5/31/2017