Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I get mad super easily and I don't know how to control my anger"

Dear Carol,

I have a really short fuse. But I can’t help it—a lot of stuff makes me really mad. Help!

- I Get Mad a Lot

Dear I Get Mad a Lot,

Recognizing a problem is step one to fixing it. And while it’s all right to embrace the range of emotions that makes us human, it’s no fun for you (and those around you) if you’re angry all the time. Quick question: Are you hungry and running on empty? Grab a restorative snack, like yogurt or a banana. Are you exhausted? Turn out the lights an hour earlier than usual this week and offer yourself the gift of sleep. Can you train yourself to reframe situations? Sure, maybe you didn’t make varsity lacrosse—but, hey, more time to hang with friends this spring! Ask yourself what exactly you’re mad about. If you’re snapping at siblings because you failed a test, you’d be better off studying (or just watching your fave movie) than battling over who took the last Oreo. Left things on a bad note with a friend? Text her two hearts and an apology. I also recommend checking out the self-help section of your library or bookstore and, if possible, therapy. You want to feel lots of emotions—not just the negative ones.

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by GL | 4/17/2024