Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, why am I missing the thrill of being a teen?"

Dear Carol, 

I bet you can help me. I don't feel like cleaning, and it's such a big hassle to get up in the morning. I just can't find the motivation. I feel overwhelmed and over-worked. My mother keeps making me clean up around the house. I'm missing the joy and thrill of being a teen. 

- I Have The Worst Life

Dear I Have The Worst Life,

A lot of teens feel like they're missing the "joy and thrill" of being a teenager because being a teen on big and small screens looks like it's all parties and kisses—while real teens do a lot of homework and chores. (Instagram pics are all highlights. People don't post photos of themselves making beds and folding laundry.) That said, can you drum up a Valentine's or springtime plan and invite someone to join you? I like having something on my calendar to look forward to. As for cleaning, put on upbeat music or listen to a podcast or audiobook. Your mom probably feels spent, too, so why not thank each other for all that you're both doing? Another thought: Are you getting enough sleep? It's easier to bound out of bed if you are well-rested. (And it's easier to rest well if you turn off your phone and hide it in another room.)

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by GL | 3/28/2022