Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I tell my mom I need a bra?

Dear Carol, 

OK, I have boobs—but they're on the smaller side, and my nipples stick out more than they used to. My mom hasn't said anything, but I think I might need a bra. Also, a lot of my tops are getting tight. What do you think? 

-Need a Bra?

Dear Need a Bra?, 

Congratulations, you're growing up! Maybe your mom hasn't noticed or feels awkward mentioning this. But I bet she'd be glad to take you shopping. You could talk to her or leave a note on her pillow that says, "This feels embarrassing, but my tops are getting tight. I need a bra!" Department stores have lingerie departments, or you can shop online. Say, "Can we go shopping this Saturday?" Also, do you have a friend who's been—there, done—that? My first bras came in a brown paper bag as hand-me-downs from my BFF who was an early bloomer while I was a late bloomer. The good news? We all bloom, and your mom may just need a nudge. Over Thanksgiving, if an aunt or grandmom says, "What do you want for the holidays?" say, "I'm hoping to spruce up my wardrobe." Can't hurt to put it out there. 

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by GL | 9/30/2021