Dear Carol

"My grades are my priority, but they're taking a toll on my social life"

Dear Carol,
I am a really determined person and right now grades are my top priority, but I feel like it is taking a toll on my friendships.
–School Problems

Dear School Problems,
Kudos to you for being aware that doing well in school is a great goal. Now that it's late spring, everyone should be taking schoolwork extra seriously so they can get good grades and feel proud of a job well done. But you're right that making time for friends is important, too.If you need new friends, do your best to send;the signal that you are open, fun and caring. Smile more and know that small talk can lead to bigger talk (try: "How was your weekend?"). If you already have a circle of friends but now realize that, oops, you haven't been there for them, make an effort to make amends. Invite a few girls over to watch a movie and bake cookies. Send fun texts or Snapchats. Or just approach pals in person and say,"I've been swamped but I miss you. How are you?" Chances are they've missed you, too

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by Dear Carol | 3/22/2018
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