Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my 'friends' cut me out of the group"

Dear Carol,
I recently went on a school trip for three nights. I roomed with three girls I thought were my closest friends. After the first day of our trip, everything went completely haywire. Now, they won't talk to me and one of the girls' moms is blaming me for the fallout, saying I started a rumor about her daughter. Her daughter is being the biggest jerk right now. She did something really bad to me that I don’t feel like saying. She never gets in trouble and never apologizes and I get blamed for stuff I didn't actually do. What now?

-School Trip

Dear School Trip,
What a bummer. My best advice is to start being friendly to new girls. Other classmates might be outgrowing some of their friendships, too. No need to advertise your plans to shake up your social life, but saying hi and giving a compliment and starting a conversation with other girls (and guys) may be your ticket out of this drama. And try not to look at things as quite so black and white, blameworthy and blameless. There's often a big gray zone. Good news: Summer will be here soon enough and can give everyone a new slate.

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by Dear Carol | 4/30/2019