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EXCLUSIVE! We're taking off on a West Coast road trip with RUBY ROSE TURNER at the wheel. The Descendants: The Rise of Red star (premiering on Disney+ July 12) pretty much embodies the carefree California summer aesthetic—and she's sharing how to take on the happy vibes, too. 


Your vacay OOTD β˜€οΈπŸŒŠ
Bc even if you're not ~actually~ on vacay, there's no reason you can't dress for it.  

What time is it? Summertime! 
Let's build your sunny szn vision board, shall we? Sea you at the beach 🏝😎

Wanna play mermaids? 🐠🐚🌺
Ariel-inspired looks are about to be part of your world. Just swim this way  >>>

"That's my bsf" - You, after reading this 
Every girl deserves an unforgettable summer bestie. You're about to meet yours. 

Quiz! Your summer love story is...
Clear skies or stormy vibes? Answer these romance Q's to reveal what's ahead πŸ’ž

Yup, we wrote an official end-of-school bucket list 
...and we're giving it to you so you can impress your teachers/make the best lunch table mems/discover your passion project/feel wayyy centered before finals. 

The room redo you've been waiting for 
Design! Decorate! Declutter! Oh, and do it all with stuff you already have. 

Presenting your drama-free summer 
Bad vibes, begone! Go from chaotic to chill with this easy-breezy handbook. 

Your emotional support water bottle wants you to read this 
To do rn: Hydration. How (and why) to drink up. 

Bye, bestie 😒 Hi, long-distance friendship survival guide πŸ‘―‍♀️
Thanks to these adorbs bonding activities, we promise you and your main gal can genuinely get closer despite the miles/time zones/literal oceans between you. 

Sad girl summer? You're not alone 
The sun might be bright but your mood is sure isn't. For some girls, summertime sadness is more than a song lyric—here's how to thrive through the tough times. 

So *this* is what your crush is thinking 
PSA: You are never going to get stuck in the talking stage again. 

Humidity is your new BFF (that's Best Frizz Forever) 
Bc you (+ your hair) should be soaking up the sun, not spending hours with hot tools.

It's giving ~numerology~ 
We're girl math-ing right into the future with this v. convenient Life Path Number map. Plus, summer horoscopes for every sign! 

We found your soulmate (sunscreen edition) 
There's a perfect SPF for every gal—yes, even you, sunscreen haters. 

Everything you need to watch, read and listen to this summer... 
She's more than a star actress: From hit shows (she shines as Sadie on That Girl Lay Lay) to her bop of a new single (the Afro-pop track "Take Me There" streams now) to the gorg fashion designs she just dropped (her brand, The House of GNG, has a mission to give back via sustainable streetwear), we're high-key fangirling over Gabrielle Nevaeh GreenPLUS: From TSITP to HSMTMTS, let's rank iconic summer shows by how likely they are to happen IRL (bc, tbh, we're all secretly hoping for that Belly/Conrad/Jeremiah love triangle to just magically float our way with the tide). 


🌟 It's another Swiftie season  
Ride shotgun with your hair undone! Make the friendship bracelets! Dance in the storm in your (maybe not) best dress! It's the ultimate Taylor-inspired to-do list.

πŸ‘— Turn your clothes into cash
You're about to become the queen of Depop, style star. Just go with this step-by-step. 

🌹 Your flow, figured out 
Menstrual mysteries? Not anymore. Take our quiz to solve ~any~ period prob.  

πŸ• The newbie's guide to packing for camp
Sweat breakouts, lake hair, minimal mirror space...don't freak out bc we've got the perf GRWM for your sleepaway stay. 

πŸ’” One girl's journey with grief
GL girl Kennedy M., 15, was just 5 years old when her dad died. Here, she reflects on life after loss—and how to help a grieving friend. 

😘 Summer love rules to live by 
...and a few it's OK to break (yes, this is a sign to send that double text). 

+ Dear Carol on fam fights, crushing on an ex and school stress 
+ What to read over break...based on your fave ice cream truck snacks
+ The most hilarious camp-themed Mad Lib 
+ All the embarrassing moments: summertime edition
+ Tons of fun, games and freebies 
...and so much more!


Page-turning plotlines? Fabulous fantasy worlds? Riveting romances? Check, check and check. Peep our ultimate towel TBR plus enter to win HERE πŸ–πŸ“š

Yes, we're giving away an amazing read each day in June...and yes, you have the chance to win ~all~ your faves. Snag the best books (and check out the GRAND PRIZE book bundle + adorable beach tote) starting June 1 HERE πŸ‘™πŸ“˜ 

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PAGE 3: What's trending on this JUNE and JULY...
+ Summer has entered the chat! Hands up for rays, slays and happy days HERE 🌞
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+ Outdoorsy adventures for your summer bucket list HERE πŸ”

PAGE 61  
+ Hey girl, stay hydrated! Delish infused water recipes HERE πŸ“πŸ’§

+ Cute conversation starters for you and your besties HERE 🌸

+ What's your Life Path number? Calculate it HERE 



June/July Cover (Ruby Rose Turner) and Fashion Road Trip: Photographed by Mike Azria. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Hair by George Fragkioudakis. Makeup by Sophia Hutch. 

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by Katherine Hammer | 5/20/2024