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How to be your best, most confident self this summer

Picture this: The sun is shining, school's out, the vibes are wonderful and you're downright thriving.

Tbh, we're dreaming of just that—but sometimes, it can be hard to remember all the amaze things about summer when social media can provide some not-so-great implications of what your vacay "should" be.

Stash your phone away (just for a sec, we promise), then read on for our tips to channel your inner confidence and have your own It-girl summer! 

Prioritize self-love and self-care

One of the most important parts of self-confidence is practicing self-love and self-care. (After all, you can't expect to be glowing if you aren't treating yourself with TLC.) Whether it's setting aside Saturday night for an at-home spa sesh, practicing positive affirmations in the mirror or simply enjoying your fave summery dessert, self-love helps create a positive perception of yourself. (Not to mention that it's super beneficial for your mind + bod.)

Baking a special snack? Buying yourself a new sundress? Going for a hot girl walk? Yep, that all counts.

Take a break from social media

While social media is certainly entertaining, (we're looking at you, GRWM vids), it can wreak some serious havoc on your mental health. The glamorous lifestyles you see on your feed are not realistic—not to mention that so many influencers heavily edit their photos.

Taking a social media cleanse can have a super positive impact on your mind, plus free up some time to pursue more fulfilling activities (Yoga! Embroidery! Finally penning that novel!). Try one screen-free week and see how it impacts you. (Psst: We bet you'll be feeling a whole lot better.)

Surround yourself with positive people

A positive friend group + a positive mindset = a positive life, bb! Find people that make you feel good about yourself, and surround yourself with a strong support group. Branching out from your friend group and meeting new people is also an amazing way to find good energy. Join a summer class at your local community college, get a part-time job at the animal shelter or chat up some fellow Swifties from your fave Reddit thread. You never know where a new connection could lead.

Spend time outdoors

You heard it here: Vitamin D helps generate serotonin (you know, the fun brain chemical that makes you happy), and there's no better way to enjoy all the benefits of summer than soaking up the sun! Host a picnic party with your besties, take a group hot girl walk or explore new scenery in your town or city.

Looking to just simply sit in your backyard and work through your TBR list? We'll count that too.

Be kind to yourself!

Most important in the realm of being confident is to be kind to yourself! Remember that it is totally OK to make mistakes (bc we're all not perfect)—and to not be so hard on yourself. Practice the same love and empathy that you give others right back to you. Self-love = the best love.

Happy summer, babes!

Top and slider image: @officiallykacy


by Sophie LaBella | 5/31/2024