5 DIY refreshing (and healthy) infused water recipes


We all know drinking water can be boring. No matter if it's Deer Park or a luxurious bottle of Fiji, it all tastes the same. An amazing way to spice it up and make those taste buds happier is by adding fresh fruits, veggies and herbs to your H2O. Not to mention, it's also super Instagrammable.

Lucky for you, we know some of the artsiest and most flavorful recipes of them all.

Strawberries + Oranges + Mint

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Citrus equals delicious. This infused water recipe is the perfect combo of your daily dose of Vitamin C and the key to constant hydration. All you need are 2 sprigs of fresh mint, 10 sliced strawberries and one big orange. 

Raspberry + Blueberry + Kiwi + Mint

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This colorful water recipe is just as refreshing as it looks. It's practically a fruit salad, but in beverage form. All of the fruits add their own *delish* flavors, while also providing important vitamins and nutrients as well. 

Lemon + Lime

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Water with lemon is a restaurant staple. Adding a lime is not only artsier, but it's also *way* more savory. If you're not a huge fan of so many different fruits being in your water, but are still looking to make your drink more flavorful, then this is *def* the recipe for you. 

Cucumber + Watermelon + Mint

Image: Pinterest

This watermelon cucumber combo with a dash of mint is everything you need to be refreshed. Not to mention it *screams* summer night vibes. So what are you waiting for? Try out this splendid recipe by whipping out your cutest mason jar and metal straw.

Which of these water recipes are you going to try? Snap a pic of it and tag us on Insta @girlslifemag!


by Hayley Miller | 4/3/2021