How to make a family group chat you actually want to text in

Having a family group chat is super beneficial—you can plan upcoming family get-togethers, delegate household chores or just catch up with your fave relatives. But let's be honest: Sometimes the fam text thread can get a little stiff. The convos can be dry, negative or just boring, tbh. But this doesn't have to be the case!

We believe that your fam group chat can be both totally practical *and* totally entertaining. That's why we've compiled all the tips you need to enhance the thread. Whether you've got a bond like the D'Amelio sisters, a Lorelai-and-Rory mother-daughter friendship or something in between, updating the fam texts will def help your relationships blossom. 

1. Give the GC a cute name

OK, first things first: Your fam group chat needs an adorable (or funny!) name. Try to think of something that everyone in your fam could relate to. Are you all from the same town? Do you all love ice cream? Are you all obsessed with the family dog? Find a theme and get creative! Having a unique fam GC name will have you feeling more connected and make every convo super memorable. 


2. Send funny pictures and videos

Time to bust out your very best comedy skills. If the group chat is feeling a little dry, it could be a good time to send a funny meme or TikTok. Whether your goal is to lighten the mood or just poke fun at your little brother, sending silly pics or vids can be an easy way to start meaningful convos. This is an amaze opportunity to give your parents and grandparents a little crash course in Gen-Z culture, too. 


3. Start up a daily word game

If your fam is into family game nights, start a friendly word game competition in the GC. There are plenty of fun online word games to choose from, but our personal faves are Wordle and the New York Times Mini Crossword, because there's a new challenge every day! You can compete against each other and send your results directly in the chat. Playing games like this can quickly become a habit as well, which keeps the convo from going dry. But be warned, there might be some word-puzzle-trash-talking...

4. Ask interesting questions

If you really want to get to know your fam, you can spice up the group chat by asking open-ended questions. These questions will get the convos going, and you might learn something new about your parents or sibs. Questions can be anything from "What movie character do you think best describes you?" to "What is something that made you smile today?" The opportunities are limitless. Ask questions that interest you! 


5. Share photos of your life

At its core, the family group chat is a way to foster connection when it's tough to do so otherwise. Especially if you have relatives or family members living far away from you in the GC, sending photos of your recent swim meet or the cutest dog you saw on your morning walk will spark feelings of closeness even when you're not physically close. Parents and grandparents love catching a glimpse of your life as a teenager, too. You'll be making them happy by sharing what makes *you* happy. 


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by Laila Mayfield | 4/7/2023