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Outdoor adventures to add to your summer agenda

Close your school textbooks and grab your fave sunglasses and bikini—it's officially summertime!

The next few months of sunshine are perfect for taking a well-deserved break after a busy year full of math tests, late-night study seshes and never-ending extracurriculars.

Our recommendation? Take this summer as a chance to explore the great outdoors with your besties! Become one with nature and kick your summer up a notch with these outdoor adventures that are sure to have your vacay go down as one of the best ones yet.


Whether it's in your backyard or on a national park's campground, a night under the stars with your crew is the perfect summer adventure. Put those Girl Scout skills to the test by setting up your tents, making a bonfire and getting your dinner going (you can't go wrong with hot dogs or PB&Js!). Flashlights for ghost stories are a must, and don't forget the s'mores supplies!

Whitewater rafting

Make your summer a bit more exhilarating with a sport like whitewater rafting. Grab your fam, some helmets, a few oars and a raft, and then head out onto the river for a relaxing few hours of paddling in nature. If you're feeling up for a challenge, you can spend some time in more intense rapids, where the water is stronger and moves much more quickly. But no matter the course you decide, a summer day spent on the water is sure to be memorable.


Lace up your boots, apply some bug spray, prepare your trail mix and fill up your water bottle—it's time to go hiking! Head out on a scenic trail with your crew and take in all that the outdoors has to offer. You can spend a few hours on a relaxed walk through a local park, or you can put your stamina to the test by hiking up a trail full of hills and bumpy paths. Either way, you'll get a good workout in all while taking in some fresh air and spending quality time with your BFFs.

Nature photo walk

Time to show off those photography skills! Grab your camera (digital, film, disposable, polaroid, phone—anything works!) and snap some pics as you walk. You can take some photos of pretty flowers as you stroll through your neighborhood, or maybe some close-ups of butterflies that you come across in the park. Be sure to post your fave pics on IG or print them out to hang on your bedroom wall!


Looking for a water-based adventure? Summer is the prime time for tubing! Cool off on a blazing hot day by attaching a tube to a boat and having it pull you around a lake (Psst: don't forget your lifevest!). You'll be jumping, laughing and having a blast as you hang on tight and get refreshed by the waves.

Scavenger Hunt

You're never too old for a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt, and summer is the absolute best time to do one! Call up your crew and have one person write up a list of things to find around the neighborhood. The list can have a mix of simple (a dandelion, a photo of a dog on a walk, a selfie with a specific street sign) and difficult items ( a four-leafed clover, a photo of a bird's nest, a rock shaped like a heart) with assigned point values that the list-maker counts up at the end of the allotted time. Ready, set, go!

Adventure park

Nothing says outdoor adventure quite like a literal adventure park. Across the U.S., there are lots of outdoor adventure parks made up of fun things like obstacle courses, zip lines, rock climbing walls and more. These parks are perfect for letting your adventurous side loose while having a great time outside with your family and friends!

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Happy summer!

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by Maggie Salter | 5/29/2024