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14 summer photos to recreate for your next Instagram post

Summer is in full swing: The sun is shining, temps are heating up and all of your fun plans are just around the corner. It's the perfect time to start building your Instagram feed with gorgeous, sunny photos. The lighting is bright and there's plenty of time to go to the beach or your fave brunch spot. Plus, your upcoming vacay presents an amaze opportunity for an impromptu photo shoot. 

But we know that it can be, well, kinda awkward to take pictures in public. The solution? Plan your photos in advance and pose like a pro. Here are 14 easy, summer photo ideas to recreate for your next IG post. 

1. Holding your drink

Whether it be matcha, coffee or a smoothie, holding your drink or taking a sip makes for a perfect photo opp at your go-to cafe. 


2. Reverse selfie 

Go to Settings > Camera and turn on the grid feature (this way, grid lines will show up when you take photos). Then, zoom out to 0.5x and hold the camera so the backside is facing you. Take a screenshot instead of actually taking the picture in order to get the camera button and grid in it. 


3. Looking off into the distance 

This pose is perfect for basically anytime and anywhere. If you feel a bit awkward taking pictures in public—this one's for you. Simply look beyond the camera, smile and snap the pic!


4. The sky's the limit 

To get the effect of the sky as your background, set your phone on the ground, slightly tilted up towards you (prop it on your purse if you need a makeshift tripod). Set a self-timer and bend over the camera. Play around with the angle to get an Insta-worthy shot. 


5. Phone-covering-face mirror selfie 

The best part about this picture is you can do it in the comfort of your own home! Simply find a mirror and hold the phone at a level that covers your face. This will accentuate your hair, hat or outfit.


6. Look over your shoulder 

It's time to elevate the standard front-facing pictures. With this pose you can do just that! Simply turn slightly and look over your shoulder. This pose is perfect when you want to highlight a location, hairstyle or background. 


7. Squatting down with your hands in front 

Rather than standing for every picture, you can diversify your feed by taking some pictures at a lower angle. Squat, put your arms on your knees and either smile or look into the distance. This pose is great for flower fields, the beach or any cute area of the city.


8. Beach sunset 

A classic. Simply angle the phone so the bottom of the picture is somewhere around your waist and smile!


9. Cut-off outfit picture 

Absolutely love your outfit but are kind of having an off hair day? This one's for you. To achieve this, bring the phone close and have the photo cut off by your eyes, lips or neck level. 


10. Cooking in the kitchen 
Summertime means waking up from a sleepover with your besties and cooking breakfast. While you cut fruit, flip pancakes or make avocado toast, pass the phone to a friend for a little photo shoot. 


11. Sunset picnic 

All the beautiful sunsets of summer are perfect opportunities for Instagram pictures. Gather some friends or your crush for a picnic date and bring your camera. 


12. Photo of a photo 

This photo idea requires two phones—one for taking the picture and one to be in the picture. At your next summer dinner party or even just out and about, try this hack for an eye-catching snap. 


13. Sunglasses on

Put your shades on and stand further back from the camera. You can hold your glasses, smile, hold a purse, or look away—this pose is incredibly versatile! 


14. Sitting on the curb

Play around with the angle of this photo: You could hold the phone far away, above your head, straight on or even behind you looking out onto a beautiful view. 


If you use any of these picture ideas, be sure to tag us @girlslifemag on Instagram!

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Slider image: @nataliezacek
Top image: @pressley


by Frankie Smith | 6/22/2023