Apps to help you stay in touch with your besties this summer

Summer is just around the corner, and we cannot wait! However, with this much-needed break from school often comes distance that we're not too fond of. Maybe you don't live super close to the gals in your friend group, your BFF goes to her vacay home every summer or you're worried about staying in touch with your friends after graduating. It can be super tough going months at a time without seeing your friends, so we found some apps that will help you stay connected and updated on each other's lives, no matter the sitch. 



If you ever miss hearing your bestie's voice or want to tell them about your day but keep missing each other, this is the app for you. Cappuccino lets you record "beans" to send your friends, whether individually or in a group. You can record up to three minutes per bean anytime throughout the day to be brewed in your friends' Cappuccino the following morning. It's like having your own mini podcast! You can choose from one of the given or randomized prompts or write your own if you want to ask your group something specific. Otherwise, talk about whatever you want, whether you want to update them on a convo with your crush or unpack the latest Taylor Swift album theory. 



BeReal has been taking social media by storm for the past year. The app sends the notification that it's time to BeReal at a random time each day. Users then have a two-minute window to post what they are doing, capturing a picture using their front and back cameras at the same time. This app provides an authentic view of what all your friends are doing at the same time as you, helping you feel more connected. You can react to their posts by taking an Instant RealMoji, or reaction photo. Don't worry if you missed the notification: You can still post after the two minutes have passed, but you will not be able to see your friends' BeReals until after doing so. 



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If you have a BFF or S.O. who you miss seeing everyday and want to feel extra connected over the distance, noteit is the app for you. Add the noteit widget to your homescreen and choose a partner to connect with. You can send a photo or drawing at any time directly to their homescreen! If you're in the middle of a rough day, whether you're exhausted from chasing after your campers, totally wiped out at the beach or are feeling a little extra lonely, seeing a personalized message or doodle can make *such* a difference.

Spam app

spam app

Are you someone who loves sharing photo dumps but also wants an aesthetic IG feed? Tell your gal group to download spam app to have one place to dump *all* the pics to your heart's content. It's a super quick way to add up to 10 pics at once to share with your friends in what resembles a super cool stop-motion video. Plus, you're the only one who sees the likes and comments, so it removes some of the pressure of typical social media. 


Airbuds Widget

Maybe you're someone who bonds with people over music, in which case Airbuds is the app for you. This app shows you what your friends are listening to right on your homescreen. Connect your Spotify or Apple Music and add the widget to your homescreen to see what different friends are listening to throughout the day. You can scroll to their history and react to their music choices, and they'll also be able to see what you're listening to. Pro tip: if your bestie is listening to "All Too Well" on repeat, it may be time to check up on her. 

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by Natalie Misyak | 5/20/2023