Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm flat chested—what can I do?"

Dear Carol,
I’m 14 and have (relatively) nothing on my chest. I also haven’t started my period. This is confusing and embarrassing for me because my sister has double D-cup breasts and started her period in sixth grade. Also, all my friends have started their periods and have at least B-cup breasts. It makes me really self-conscious. Is there some way to speed things up?

Dear Flat,
I’m afraid there’s no hurrying Mother Nature. Most girls in the U.S. start around age 12, and there are as many late bloomers (like you and me) as early bloomers. I promise that you will get your period, and soon nobody will care who got theirs first. Ask a doctor or nurse at your next checkup—but rest assured that your body is growing at its own pace. By the way, I get as many letters from girls who wish they were smaller up top as from girls who wish they were bigger. So the best advice may be: Don’t look down, look out. What can you do to feel good about yourself? Set some reachable goals (you’ll fill a sketch pad, read books, learn guitar, become a chef or expert on something that fascinates you) and take your mind off your measurements. 

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by Dear Carol | 5/3/2020