Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I convince my parents to support my dream?"

Dear Carol, 

This year I discovered a passion for singing and I really want to become a performer. I told my mom, but she wants me to become a doctor. My mom thinks that singing is just a hobby and that I could do it on the side after becoming a doctor. She doesn’t understand that I want to make singing my full-time job and be a star.

-Future Singer 

Dear Future Singer, 

It’s not up to your mom. She doesn’t have the power to make you a star or prevent you from being one. But she’s not wrong that, statistically, very few people manage to make a living by singing. That said, there’s nothing wrong with having a passion. I have a passion for words, and I love being a writer and am glad I put in the time and put up with all the rejection. Your career choice is not singer versus doctor. For now, keep singing and keep studying, and table this argument for when you’re a little older.

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by GL | 1/4/2021