Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm getting sick of my grandma living with us"

Dear Carol,

I’m really sick of my grandma. Every time my mom and I argue, she starts yelling at me—like it’s any of her business. She is selfish and says I never take other people’s advice, but all she’s doing is being a hypocrite. She was supposed to return home months ago, but, because of the pandemic, she stayed. I wish she hadn’t.

-Sick of Grandma 

Dear Sick of Grandma, 

Kindness can be contagious—but in a good way. You’re not the only girl feeling stuck in a living situation that is less than ideal. This virus is taking a toll on lots of us. But this icy war is terrible for your whole family, so try to find a way to get along. Granted, some grandmas are more easygoing or delightful than others, but you can find something likable about yours. Bonus: Being nice to others gives you a boost, and when you’re nicer to others, they’re nicer to you. And confide in your mom. Propose a walk for just the two of you. Your mom may be at her wits’ end too, and it probably hurts her heart that you and her mom argue. You have more power than you think to change the mood in your house. It’s also not your grandma’s fault her life got hijacked. She might prefer to be among friends instead of feeling stranded and sometimes unwanted in her daughter’s home. So this Valentine’s Day, bake something sweet and pink for her as a tacit peace offering. What do you have to lose besides your anger?

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by GL | 1/15/2021