Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I tell my mom I want to start shaving?"

Dear Carol, 

This is a really awkward question. I started getting hair in my armpits when I was 8. Now I am 12 and I still haven’t shaved. I can’t wear any tank tops or sleeveless shirts or anything. My legs are also getting hairy. I don’t know how to ask my mom and I’m too nervous to because when I asked her four years ago, she told me I was too young to shave.

-Hairy Situation 

Dear Hairy Situation, 

We’re mammals. We have hair. We do. And your mom is right: 8 is young…but you’re older now. So while body hair is A-OK, if you want to shave, that’s A-OK, too. You could say, “Mom, do you have a second? This is awkward, but I want to confide in you. Now that I’m almost a teenager, I’d like to start shaving. Do you have any advice?” You could write a note if it’s easier. Or, you could find a new razor and ask a friend who shaves to show you how to slowly and carefully shave away your underarm and leg hair. Shaving in the bathtub is a good first step.

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by GL | 4/15/2021