Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, should I text my crush before he texts me?"

Dear Carol, 

I met this guy at a football game and we exchanged phone numbers. The only problem is he told me he would text me first, but he never did. Should I text him first, and if so, what should I say? 

- Should I Text Him First? 

Dear Should I Text Him First?, 

If this took place weeks ago, let it go. If this was last week and you're feeling bold, try, "Hey ______, that game was great, wasn't it? Happy Halloween!" And see what happens. Maybe nothing. Or maybe he'll text back and you two will end up checking out a haunted house together. If Halloween has already passed or is too far in the future, just write, "Hey, how's it going?" or something else light and casual. He'll probably get that the subtext is: Thinking of you. 

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by GL | 10/7/2021