It's scary when your parents fight, we know

For some families, fights seem like a routine. Perhaps you’re in your room listening to music or studying when you hear the raised voices. And for other families, it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon thing, but when it happens, perhaps on a weekend road trip, it’s explosive. It doesn’t matter what they’re fighting over—money troubles, work stress, family issues—for many girls, when they hear Mom and Dad argue, the only thing that comes to mind is the D-word. Cue the freak-out. Here’s how to survive fights that have absolutely nothing to do with you.

#1 Remember: All relationships have ups and downs

You know how you and your friends fight all the time? And how you and your boyfriend are constantly arguing about something? And how you can be fuming one day and fine the next? The same is true with your parents—they struggle just like you do to get along with those closest to them. At the end of the day, their relationship is about them, and while they might be going through a rough patch, a bright spot may well be right around the corner.

#2 No really: It has nothing to do with you

No matter what happens between your parents, you have to realize that it does not involve you. Your less than perfect test scores, your inability to remember your chores—none of that has any sort of bearing on your parents getting along. Forcing an ideal of perfection upon yourself to try to solve their problems will only create a huge amount of stress for you, and that’s not healthy.

#3 Keep calm by distracting yourself

Panicking or crying yourself to sleep won’t help the situation. When you’re feeling like life is spiraling out of control, it’s time to find a healthy distraction. Deep breathing and yoga will keep your mind and body calm, and listening to your favorite music or popping open a new book will help you escape the situation temporarily. And if you feel the need to talk, don’t hesitate to call your closest friends—that’s what they’re there for, after all.

How do you deal with fighting parents? Share your tips in the comments.

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016
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