5 traditions you didn't know your family has

Your family: Sometimes you hate them and can’t stand them, yet you love them anyway. As you and your sibs grow up, the more obvious traditions (like putting out cookies for Santa) may start to fade away but that doesn't mean you all lose the connection. Here are 5 traditions that you probably did not think about were in your family:

You and your siblings send memes in the group chat.
We live in the digital age now and because of that, we can see thousands of funny videos and memes. And who else would probably have the same sense of humor as you? Your siblings. You most likely have a sibling chat where you post messages to each other on who is getting in trouble or a silly thing you saw.

On your birthday your dad still calls you his little girl.
You might be embarrassed when your parents baby you on your big day but remember they'll always see you as their little girl...especially your dad. In his way of being affectionate, he will try his best to be there for you for pretty much anything and everything so just let Dad be Dad for the day. He means well!

Everyone tries to get their favorite snacks on the weekly shopping list.
Ah, the dreaded grocery list. The one that is over two pages long with all sorts of food to suit everyone’s needs. Ultimately Mom decides what goes on the list so in order to get your favorite ice cream or those amazing new chips, you most likely have to butter yourself up and play her favorite for a couple of days. Your sibs know it, too.

The family holiday photo is a big deal but also not.
Every year everyone gets in the car with the coordinated outfit. Whether it be everyone wearing green and red, white and blue or maybe even ugly sweaters, it's always hilarious. Now as your family is getting older, the photo expectations starts to downhill. Your mother is probably lucky that your little brother does not have something up his nose or that your dad is not halfway in the shot. It becomes,“Everyone ready? 3..2..1. Snap! Okay done.”

You all say "I love you" more often than you think.
Everyone has their own individual pathways of life so sometimes you do not get to see everything that your other family members are doing. You want to support them. So begin to do little things to show that you care, whether it be grabbing an extra granola bar for whoever is running late for school or tagging your parents in a #tbt post. Go to each others' sports games or music performances without being told to. Some families do not verbally say ILY but that doesn't mean they love you any less. 

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by GL | 9/10/2017
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