How your pet may be feeling about quarantine

Quarantine has been hard for everyone, and while some states are doing better than others, a lot of us are continuing to make the effort to stay home as much as we can. Some of us have been in quarantine for nearly six months now, and if you have a pet, chances are they *def* are wondering why you're home all the time! Has your pet been acting weird lately? Keep reading to see how your furry BFF could be feeling about quarantine...

Clingy and cuddly

Let us guess...your pet just can't seem to get enough of you, and you can hardly get up from your chair because your sweet pupper has taken a permanent residence in your lap. Wondering why? He's psyched that you're home! Often times, our pets spend long days away from us, and they *live* for those few hours that we get to hang with them after school. Now that you're home all the time, your pet is soaking up all the love and attention that they can get, and they might be dreading the day when things go back to normal. It's easy to get caught up in summer fun and Netflix-binging, but take advantage of the extra time you've got with your pet and throw him a bone—literally! A few minutes playing with toys or a walk down the block may be just what your pet needs to feel extra loved right now. 

Moody much?

On the other side of the coin, your pet might be just as frustrated with quarantine as you are! Even though they love us, some pets like their alone time! Having everyone home all of a sudden might have your pet going a little cuckoo. Quarantine is just as much of a disruption to their routine as it is to ours, so try to be understanding if your pet is acting a little distant or moody these days. The 24/7 commotion around the house is new for them, and they may take a while to adjust and realize that everything's gonna be okay. It doesn't mean they don't want to spend time with you—they're just going through an major change, just like we are!

What you can do

If you notice that your pet is acting funny, don't freak. It's totally normal for them to take some time adjusting to #quarantinelife. If your pet is extra lovey right now, be sure to give them *lots* of snuggles. If your pet wants to be left alone, let them be! Be sensitive and understanding to what they might be going through, and make sure they know they've always got someone to love on them when they're ready!

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by Paris Johnson | 8/15/2020