The dos and don'ts of helping your BFF through a breakup


Has your bestie's BF/GF bliss gone the way of Zayn and Perrie? It's time to step up, sister. Helping a friend through a breakup can be hard work, but it's all about balance. Read on... 

1. Be a good listener—but not *too* good of a listener.

No matter how long the relationship was. Whether it was 3 months or 3 years, your friend is going to be feeling sad, angry, confused, hungry...basically all of the emotions. Support her, but don't let her ramble on forever. It's not healthy!

2. Know when the time is right for girls' night.

Your friend is probably going to be feeling pretty lonely after the breakup, so surrounding her with close friends who care is a good move. Dragging her out to a big party where her ex is likely to be? Not a good move. Keep it casual but fun for the first few weeks.

3. Give her some space, but keep her close.

Sounds contradictory, but it's true. If your friend wants some space and has barricaded her bedroom door, don’t push it (literally or figuratively). Give her some time to grieve and figure some stuff out. If it's been two weeks (and the relationship was only two months), though, it's time to drag her out of bed and back to the real world.

How do you help friends through a breakup? What's your go-to get-over-it strategy? Let us know below!  


by Danielle Bryant | 2/1/2016