Spice up your text convos with these unexpected emojis

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If you're anything like us at GL, you're constantly on the lookout for fun additions to your Insta captions or texts. We get it, communicating online can be confusing and even a little dry. Using unique emojis when texting your besties or fam can add comedic flair and spice to your convos. Here are some of our faves...

Concerned frown:

This emoji, at first, just looks kinda distressed, but there are layers to its uses. Not only can it be used in an uncomfy situation (ew why did he say that), but also to show your fear and shock. The dog ran away, you've come down with a concerning cough, you received your report card...use this emoji.

Gleeful smile:

The image of pure happiness, this emoji doesn't look oddly fearful like some of the other smiling emojis do. Its excitement is contagious and is a great way to show someone you're *totally* invested in their thoughts.

Fencing person:

Simple enough, this emoji is a person holding a sword, fencing. If you take a closer look, though, this fencing person can be used in so many creative ways. Use it when defending yourself in an argument or when telling your sibs not to eat your leftovers. Back! Back I say!

Peaceful smile:

Another smiling emoji, the peaceful smile shows contentment. it is a "meaningful" emoji, you could say. It can be used when expressing that you love your bestie's new outfit or when telling your mom that you will be home on time and she needn't worry. On the other hand... it can be a create transition before dropping some ominous info. Use it before texting your brother "time's up" out of the blue.

Ominous standing girl:

This "innocent" emoji can be used to spice up a conversation in so many ways. When used correctly, she can be perceived as lonely, awkward or downright terrifying. Use her after telling your sibs that it's time for dinner or that Mom is expecting them downstairs. They will be confused and unnerved TBH. 

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by Abigail Hawtof | 5/4/2021