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Choice Bracelets, spreading happiness one bracelet at a time


Mental health can be a seriously scary subject to talk about, especially for teens. Kids have it hard sometimes, constantly dealing with pressures from school, friends, family and many other responsibilities in day-to-day life. According to the Independent, the UK is seeing a “mental health crisis” with their teen population. Rates of depression have risen 70% in the last 25 years.

After meeting at a sleep away camp, longtime friends Emmie Levy and Jess Rosen recognized this growing problem and decided to do something about it together. The two girls founded Choice Bracelets, a company hoping to spread awareness and help for suffering teens. We asked Emmie how she and Jess came up with the idea. "Jess realized that a lot of her friends were going through a lot of things like depression, eating disorders, friendships and other pressures," she explained. "She contacted me because of my empathy and passion for helping others. We just really want people to be out there living their lives and experiencing the joy of life."


In order to bring awareness to suffering teens, Emmie and Jess designed 5 super cute bracelets, each a different color with a symbolic meaning that the pair believes will help spread happiness. You can check out the different colors and symbolic meanings on their website here.

50% of the total profits go to various charities that help suffering teens all over the country. Emmie and Jess asked a group of mutual friends—their Choice Bracelet Ambassadors—from all over the country to help sell the bracelets and spread awareness and their message. Once all the bracelets have been sold, the group gets to choose a charity to donate their proceeds to. Emmie says that the goal of their company is to spread their slogan, “You Are Not Alone," as far as possible and to make sure it reaches suffering teens all over the country.


We asked Emmie if she had any advice for other girls looking to start their own foundation or create awareness in a similar way. “You definitely need to have a really good partner," she shared. "Jess and I work so well together, and I think that’s a big reason we are so successful. You have to find someone that you’re compatible with!"

Check out for their full story and complete bracelet line up. You can also follow them on Instagram.

What do you think of Jess and Emmie’s bracelets and message? Do you have any other cool and creative ideas for helping spread awareness?

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by Caitlin Callihan | 6/18/2016