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7 fashion brands that are changing the world for women


What you wear can be both fashionable *and* feminist (aka girl full of girl power!). There are countless clothing lines and brands to chose from when updating your closet, but why not choose a company that also empowers women? Check out a few of these fab fashion brands that were founded by next-level women in the industry, and also do some good for women around the world.

Founded by Olivia Fay, who previously worked at Prada and Cartier, this brand is simplistic yet chic. Olivia decided to launch her own clothing company after watching the documentary Girl Rising. She wanted to add a unique twist to her brand that would inspire women and girls to pursue an education. For each piece of clothing sold, school uniforms are donated to schoolgirls in under-privileged areas that are stricken by poverty.

Kate Spade on Purpose
Everyone loves the iconic Kate Spade handbags—and now the company is making some huge moves to help women. Kate Spade New York recently released it's hand-crafted collection called On Purpose. Each bag is handcrafted by women in Masoro, Rwanda. The handbag supplier in Rwanda is run by primarily female employees and provides jobs for over 150 people in the area. Kate Spade hopes this will help the community achieve economic stability in the future. 

Raven + Lily
This Texas-based brand works closely with local artisan groups of at-risk women in countries such as the U.S., Pakistan, Haiti, Guatemala and Malaysia. Their main focus as a brand is to reudce poverty amongst women by giving them a sustainable income. By simply buying one item from their website, you are helping to empower a community of 1,500 women.

Rebel Wilson x Angels
If you are a girl with curves, be proud of them! Actress Rebel Wilson is releasing her own plus size line starting at a size 14 after years of shopping and dealing with the struggle of trying to find stylish plus size clothing. Rebel wanted to create an affordable line with age-appropriate clothes for younger girls that were edgy and fierce so she teamed up with Nordstrom—we cannot *wait* for the release of the line.

Although this brand may be on the expensive side, the high-end clothing is totally worth it...and for a good cause. It was founded on the desire to have an impact as more than just a clothing and accessory brand. When you make a “lean shipping” purchase, you receive a reusable bag in the mail, which you can fill with clothes you no longer need. Then, send it back to Cuyana, and the brand donates to their partner charity, H.E.A.R.T. This charity helps victims of abuse have a fresh start starting with new clothes. 

31 Bits

This jewelry brand aims to combat poverty in Northern Uganda by giving displaced women an opportunity to support themselves by working in the fashion industry. The jewelry itself is made out of 100 percent recycled materials, making this brand helpful for the environment. Plus, each worker goes through a 5-year program that includes education on health, business management, personal finance, health education, HIV testing and treatment and counseling. 

Sudara (which means "beautiful") is a brand for comfy clothes and yoga apparel called Punjammies. The company's main goals are to end sex trafficking in India, where the highest rates have been reported. By offering secure and safe jobs at their company, women will be less likely to become victims to sex work. They want to provide a safe haven for women who have escaped and prevent other women from getting involved.  

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by Leah V. | 8/9/2017
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