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Gift Guide: For your BFF who wants to be a chef

What do you get that friend who follows Gordon Ramsay religiously? Who just won't stop talking about that how she made that perfect risotto? Who mastered baking macarons before she could figure out a tampon? Well wonder no longer: Here's the gift guide for your BFF who will honestly be the next top chef.

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    Rolling Pin Patent Print, $6
    History buff or cook enthusiast, either will love this print of the 1906 patent for baking’s best friend, the rolling pin! 

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    Cheese Foodie Shirt, $25
    Food meets fashion with this shirt that food lovers and food makers alike will love. 

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    French Patisserie Macaroon iPhone Case, $5
    Bring France’s popular aesthetically pleasing dessert to your most prized possession: your phone, of course.

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    Foodie Dice Seasonal Dinners Tumblers, $34
    Gone are the days of repeating meals for lack of inspiration. This foodie dice set will give you over nearly 200,000 meal combinations for a creative dish every day of the week. 

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    "French Fried Jason" Iron-on Patch, $9
    Add this adorable patch to your jeans, book bag, and more! Everyone can appreciate a little food humor. 

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    Zest for Life Pillow Cover, $35.00
    Who doesn’t love a bit of chef humor? This pillow cover will show off a knowledge of kitchen techniques and brightens up any room at the same time. 

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          Cookie Shot Maker, $23
    Who says adults should get to have all the fun? This cookie shot glass maker makes the perfect edible cup for a nice, cool sip of milk. 

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    Tasty the Cookbook, $24 (Paperback), $35 (Hardcover)
    Those *tasty* recipe videos seen all down your timeline are coming to you! Your BFF will love this personalized Tasty cookbook with sections of your choice and some of Tasty’s most popular recipes.

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    Avocado Huggers, $8
    Made specifically for the generation *obsessed* with avocados, keep unused halves fresh with these cute silicone tops. 

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    Yolkpig Egg Separator, $14
    Gone are the days of painstakingly separating egg whites and yolks (real chefs know the struggle). This handy egg separator will have any cook squealing with joy. 


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    The Fixie Pizza Cutter, $20
    As if making your own pizza wasn’t cool enough, get the perfect slice in style. This pizza cutter is shaped like a genuine fixed gear city bike.

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    Ototo Nessie Ladle, $14
    This Loch Ness-inspired ladle looks like something out of a fairy tale. With four legs on the bottom to stand up to any dish, this adorable utensil will add some fun to any meal. 

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by Cydnii Jones | 11/20/2017